• Koh Phangan Thailand Yoga Retreat


    Coming in October 2024 - stay tuned for special offers


    Yoga - Meditation - Reiki - Breathwork - Sunshine - Sea


    A retreat designed to help people heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually through therapeutic yoga, healing circles, and self-care practices. This retreat is unique for offering group Reiki sessions, fostering a sense of collective healing and connection.


    Integrating modern breathwork techniques further enhances participants' transformation and emotional release. With a focus on lasting personal growth, your retreat goes beyond relaxation, empowering individuals with tools for self-improvement. All of this is included in the price. Koh Phangang's natural beauty, lush tropical landscapes, and serene beaches provide a tranquil setting that encourages relaxation and introspection. The beauty and magic of Koh Phanang are the perfect settings for healing, meditation, and yoga. The retreat is in a quiet location however it is just a few feet walking distance to the beach, location shops, and some incredible local restaurants.


    Rest assured, once booked, we will provide you with all the necessary details, including guidance on how to reach the retreat location and other valuable information to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. 

  • Example Day in the Life of a Retreat

    Wake up

    Early Morning Yoga and Meditation - some days will involve breathwork or reiki


    Free Time - Read, Journal, External Excursion, Beach, Pool, etc


    Free Time - Read, Journal, External Excursion, Beach, Pool, etc

    20-minute fitness blast 3 times a week

    Yoga and Meditation or Group Energy Session


    Evening Relaxation, movies, or group talks on metaphysics, healing, etc


  • Included

    • Opening Ceremony
    • Nourishing meals 3x a day
    • Meditation
    • Group Reiki
    • Group Breathwork Session
    • Guided Journaling and Goal Setting
    • Welcome pack
    • 3 xs fitness blast workouts
    • Yoga Class x2 per day
    • Pool
    • Accommodation
    • Closing Tea Ceremony at the end of the week

    Not Included

    • Transportation and flights
    • Excursions
    • Meals outside of the retreat
    • Massages and Treatments
    • Private Reiki Sessions
    • Energy Counseling Sessions
    • Travel/Health Insurance

    More Info....

    Please be aware that once you have booked we will send you a guide with details on how to make your experience as seamless as possible with regards to arriving on the island and finding the retreat. We will also send you lots of information on what to bring and what to expect. We treat every event as though we are all family and set out to take care and support each other every step of the way.